Hope you’re all looking forward to an awesome Schoolies Week in Byron Bay!!

Awesome Feedback

  • Levi

    1 August 2015 Reply

    One of the best places to be at for schoolies! highly recommend to my friends!

  • Layla

    23 June 2015 Reply

    Very well managed schoolies parties. Thanks Sure Thing for helping us to book 😉

  • Archer

    9 April 2015 Reply

    best schoolies destination with an endless amount of activities to do 🙂

  • Imogen

    30 March 2015 Reply

    Excited much for Schoolies week this year… thanks for sharing your experiences guyss 😉

  • Jayden

    21 March 2015 Reply

    A place where no dramas occurred, AMAZING PLACE!! I absolutely LOVED Byron bay! Sure Thing Schoolies!

  • Riley

    11 March 2015 Reply

    Great clubs and great security. Definitely the place to go!

  • Leo

    8 March 2015 Reply

    Well organised schoolies events. Thanks ol to Sure Thing! Would recommend to anyone!

  • Audrey

    6 February 2015 Reply

    Incredible destination, especially if you are looking for something a bit different and not as busy as the Gold Coast!

  • Sienna

    14 January 2015 Reply

    Byron Bay Schoolies accommodation is Right on the BEACH and Right in town in the middle of the ACTION! PERFECT!!

  • Alice

    3 January 2015 Reply

    Byron bay is a great host destination for schoolies. Such a nice placeee… Byron Bay backpackers inn rocked!

  • Marcus

    23 May 2014 Reply

    Excited much to go to Byron bay,,,, ready to pack! hahah can’t w88888…

  • Donna

    23 February 2014 Reply

    I can’t wait to go back to Byron bay with my family or new found friends that I made while at schoolies. I can’t wait to visit again!

  • Samuel

    18 February 2014 Reply

    I like the accommodation location, Byron bay backpackers inn is in an awesome spot, and sure thing schoolies were so friendly and patient with organising everything for us… made it something special.

  • Cody

    16 February 2014 Reply

    Byron bay was very chilled but still an amazing place to go for schoolies. Perfect for what we needed.

  • Aleck D.

    25 January 2014 Reply

    AMAZING! The activities, parties and the overall SCHOOLIES central was organised so well. It was great to be at Byron Bay, we would swim all day or go to a party all night. Best place, can’t wait to go back…. VERY SOON!

  • Gus

    17 January 2014 Reply

    Sweet place, real cruisy and good nightlife. Great during the day, right on the beach!

  • Rose

    5 January 2014 Reply

    Thanks to Sure Thing! We enjoyed the week so muchhhhhh……

  • Annie

    30 December 2013 Reply

    Another excellent week! Thanks Sure Thing !!

  • Maxxx

    29 December 2013 Reply

    Best place ever… BEST PLACE TO PARTY!

  • Samantha

    29 December 2013 Reply

    Had a great time! A BIG BIG BIG thank you to Sure Thing schoolies for everything in the lead up to schoolies for 1 and a half years. For talking all our calls and questions and being so professional and friendly. I don’t think my friends would have been able to pull together and make it happen without you xx We would have missed out!

  • Siena

    1 November 2013 Reply

    There are so many different kinds of people around for you to meet and there are always lots of different activities to do during the day when the parties aren’t on. WORTH IT!!!!

  • Artskin

    24 October 2013 Reply

    Fully Sick set-up!lol….. 😉 so amazed!!

  • Alyana

    7 September 2013 Reply

    In this destination i felt safe at all times and there were good parties, the activities where fun..its a Sure Thing!!!

  • Lezi

    26 July 2013 Reply

    Very chilled out and loads of fun….Yeeeeyyyyy….

  • Viola

    11 June 2013 Reply

    I love the swimming pool, nice places to eat out and the friendly people. BEST SChoolies ever with my friends 😀

  • moncler pas chere

    30 November 2012 Reply

    JUST AWESOME!!!!!!Gr888 Job

  • Michelle xo

    9 October 2012 Reply

    LOVE YOU GUYS… Can’t Wait for schoolies wk!!!

    Who’s going to Bryon Bay Backpackers Inn for week 2 in 2012?

    24 Nov – 1 Dec !!!

    Michelle xoxo

  • Andy

    6 October 2012 Reply

    I’m booked in for Week 3!!! Heaps of my mates are going that week – gonna be epic

  • Kay

    2 September 2012 Reply

    Can’t wait for schoolies 2013!!!!!!!!

  • Zoe

    26 July 2012 Reply

    Byron Bay Backers Inn had an awesome atmosphere,,, such a great spot at the the beach, walked to everythying… really nice and safe and clean, staff was cool too, our week was 9.99 out of 10 🙂

  • Pamela

    11 April 2012 Reply

    Schoolies in 2012 in Byron Bay is gonna be better than ever!!!

    Thanks Sure Thing Schoolies!! xxoxox

  • Julie

    10 April 2012 Reply

    Can’t waitttttt for schoolies in Byron Bay… Sooo Keen!

  • Teegz

    12 March 2012 Reply

    Great schoolies action at Byron!! Backpackes Inn!!!!

  • Brad

    7 February 2012 Reply

    We Love Byron Bay!!

    Skoolies 4ever!!!!!

  • Jonnny

    1 February 2012 Reply

    Sure Thing SChoolies Travel Rockz my World Lolz!! I’m in one of your pics yikes!

  • Craig M

    14 December 2011 Reply

    Yeh had heaps of Fun… it’s not too restrictive, they actually let you have fun at Byron Bay Backers Inn

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