About Schoolies

“Schoolies Week” is a celebration of crossing the finish line of high school and being released into the world.

Australians have been celebrating Schoolies Week since the 1980’s! Yes, around the time your parents graduated high school!

However schoolies celebrations have now been almost a compulsory Rite of Passage, and so much effort is now put into the schoolies events (by groups such as “Sure Thing Schoolies Travel” to make schoolies week the most memorable week of your life…. If you’re expecting the party of a lifetime… You won’t be disappointed 🙂

If you’re reading this, you’re probably the group organiser for your schoolies group and your friends are relying on you to organise a great trip. That’s why it’s in your hands to make the smart decision and book your trip with Sure Thing Schoolies – Don’t let your friends settle for anything less. After 13 years at school you all deserve an absolutely awesome schoolies week!


It’s a venue with all the benefits. It’s local and easy to get to. It has fabulous natural attractions with one of the best beaches around. It’s a safe environment with a great party atmosphere for Schoolies. It’s popular because of all those things. And because it’s in Oz it’s naturally cost competitive and you’ll spend less time travelling and more time enjoying a great Schoolies week.

Safety, sun ‘n surf

The key to a great Schoolies adventure at Byron Bay is to follow the simple rules and tips. And here they are.

  • Book with an experienced and reputable company (such as Sure Thing Schoolies)
  • Make sure you book into an official resort
  • Get access to heaps of official events
  • Be safe and stay safe
  • Have an awesome time

The early bird

You know when you’ll finish Year 12. You know when the different Schoolies weeks are up and running. You know your friends are going. Take action now.

schooliesbyronbay4If you don’t take action, the worst-case scenario could unfold – You go to book for the ever popular Byron Bay and find there’s no room left. Don’t let that happen to you. Do it now. Others are doing it now and in this case, the early bird really does get the worm. Besides, with your booking secure, you can concentrate on your studies and prepare for your exams knowing there is one heck of a party with your name on it just waiting to happen at the end of the year.

Get with the strength

Because Sure Thing is an Aussie travel operator with heaps of Schoolies experience, it makes sense to go where the others go. Sure Thing knows the best accommodation, the best deals and the best events. They can answer all your questions and help you make your stay at Schoolies even more than you hoped for.

Byron Bay Beach Hostel is currently the Top Rated Schoolies accommodation in Byron Bay since it’s right in town, right on the beach (actually backs on to the sand) and gets awesome Schoolies feedback year after year. If you’re lucky enough for there still to be space at the Byron Bay Backpackers Inn when you are reading this, then grab it with both hands!

All employees at Sure Thing Schoolies are Fully Accredited and Qualified.
Schoolies at Byron Bay: Details and Packages now available

Byron Bay is on Australia’s east coast in the north of NSW, around 1 hour drive from the QLD border
Byron Bay Schoolies map

Schoolies 2020
Week One: 21 Nov – 28 Nov 2020
Week Two: 28 Nov – 5 Dec 2020
Week Three: 5 Nov – 12 Dec 2020

Schoolies 2021
Week One: 20 Nov – 27 Nov 2021
Week Two: 27 Nov – 4 Dec 2021
Week Three: 4 Nov – 11 Dec 2021

Schoolies aged 16 to 18 who are completing year 12 on the year of travel may attend. If you have left school early (eg Year 10) for work or TAFE and you are in this age group then you may also attend. The Schoolies accommodation and activities are accessible to all Schoolies 18+ as well as under 18.

Schoolies Accommodation

The Schoolies Hotel must be booked through Sure Thing Schoolies

Name: Byron Bay Beach Hostel
Address: 23 Lawson Street, Byron Bay NSW 2481
Website: http://www.byronbaybeachhostel.com

Beach: 50m (Beachfront)
Town: In the middle of town

2 to 8 people per room.
Larger groups can have multiple rooms side by side.
Rooms have lockers for every guest.

Bunk beds, Single beds and some Double beds.
You will not have to share your room with other people you do not know. Each group gets private rooming.

Shared facilities. They are always kept fresh and clean and there are several available for each room.
Byron Bay Beach Hostel Map

Name: Byron Bay Backpacker’s Inn
Address: 29 Shirley Street, Byron Bay NSW 2481
Website: www.backpackersinnbyronbay.com.au

Beach: 50m (Beachfront)
Town: 150m (1 minute walk to the centre of town)

2 to 9 people per room.
Larger groups can have multiple rooms side by side.
Rooms have lockers for every guest.

Bunk beds, Single beds and some Double beds.
You will not have to share your room with other people you do not know. Each group gets private rooming.

Shared facilities. They are always kept fresh and clean and there are several available for each room.
Byron Bay Schoolies Accommodation Map

If you choose not to drive then you can book your flights with Qantas, Virgin, Jetstar or Tiger airways.
The closest airports to Byron Bay are:

  • Ballina (25 min drive)
  • Gold Coast/Coolangatta (1 hr drive)
  • Brisbane (2 hr 30 min drive)
    • Closest to Byron Bay Schoolies Accommodation Map

Transfers between the airport and the accommodation can be organised by Schoolies in advance (through an airport transfer/transport company). Alternatively, a Taxi, Maxi Taxi or Uber can be used. Drive times to the accommodation are approximately as follows:

  • Ballina (25 min drive)
  • Gold Coast/Coolangatta (1 hr drive)
  • Brisbane (2 hr 30 min drive)

Schoolies can get access into the bars and clubs if they are 18. Otherwise, there is a great Schoolies vibe at the Schoolies accommodation that can be enjoyed every evening for all Schoolies regardless of age. Staying at the Schoolies accommodation is a huge advantage for those who are under 18 as it gives you a venue to enjoy and celebrate your Schoolies week.

There are 7 main bars and nightclubs for 18+ including:

  • Cheeky Monkeys
  • Cocomangas
  • The Beach Hotel
  • The Hotel Great Northern
  • The Rails
  • Lala-Land
  • C-Moog

There is Live Music at the Schoolies Accommodation at this exclusive Sure Thing Schoolies Resort (for under 18s as well as 18+ to enjoy. There are also Fire Shows for your entertainment during Schoolies at the Sure Thing Schoolies Accommodation.

Free for Schoolies at Accommodation

  • Swimming Pool
  • Beach Volleyball
  • TV Room (Foxtel/Cable)
  • Open air cinema
  • BBQ Area with hammocks
  • Live Music
  • Fire Shows

Premium Activities

(Costs involved)

  • Surf Board Hire and Surf Lessons
  • Horse Riding
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing Trips
  • Whale Watching
  • Sea Turtle Snorkel Tours
  • Circus Arts
  • Skydiving
  • Hang Gliding
  • Air Ballooning
  • Pamper Spa Centres
For Schoolies images click: www.byronbayschooliesweek.com.au/gallery

Official Byron Bay Schoolies Video

Measures are in place to make it as safe as possible for Schoolies. Sure Thing Schoolies has a 100% Safety record in all 14 years that it has been running Schoolies events. The accommodation requires security with a passcode. There is also 24 hour CCTV, regular security patrols and a nightwatchman for your safety and peace of mind. Byron Bay is a safe and friendly destination, especially at this Schoolies accommodation. Part of enjoying Schoolies celebrations is staying safe and healthy.

The following are the standard inclusions at most accommodation partners (Some packages vary based on price and location)

  • 7 Nights Accommodation at the Schoolies Accommodation
  • Free Meet and Greet Sausage Sizzle
  • Free Official Sure Thing Schoolies Cap
  • Free Official Sure Thing Schoolies Beer Pong Set (One Set Per Group)
  • 70% Plus Discounted Learn to Surf Package, Including Food, Drinks and Photos
  • Access to On-Site Schoolies Activities and Facilities at Schoolies Accommodation
  • Sure Thing Schoolies Registration and Wristband
  • Free Wi-Fi

All prices are PER PERSON and in $AUD. No extra to pay in Taxes.

SCHOOLIES (see dates above) Per Person
Week 1 $695
Week 2 $795
Week 3 $695

Deposit: $110 per person at time of booking
Balance: Remaining amount due on 1st of August of year of travel
Bond: $0 (no bond)

Stage 1
Upon payment of deposit, group members must register on an online form:

  • Full name as per I.D. or passport
  • Mobile number
  • Personal email address

Stage 2
On 10th of August of the year of travel, group members must register on an online form:

  • Address
  • Home Number
  • Date of Birth
  • High School Name and Suburb
  • Portrait photo

Check-in vouchers are sent by email approximately 28 days before departure.

Travel insurance can be purchased through Sure Thing Schoolies at a discounted rate. Travel insurance documentation and payment will have to be finalised and confirmed before it applies. Contact schoolies@surething.com.au for Schoolies travel insurance details.

Payments are non-refundable. Changes are allowed in certain circumstances, see terms and conditions for details

Thousands, and growing. New bookings are made daily.

Yes. We understand that you want Freedom at Schoolies. You have the freedom to explore the beautiful Byron Bay area and experience the local culture. You can go shopping, do tours and activities as you wish.

No. You don’t have this restriction at Sure Thing Schoolies accommodation

No, it’s not banned, but please consume it legally and responsibly

Enjoy the amazing food available in Byron. The food includes all the normal stuff you would expect such as Pizza, Chicken, Steak, Pasta, Fish and Chips, Wedges, Seafood, Burgers, Fresh Fruit. There are also supermarkets, cafes and restaurants close by. There is a full kitchen at the Schoolies accommodation if you feel like preparing your own food.

Yes. There are so many food outlets available that you are very likely to find multiple options for your dietary requirements.

Being in NSW, Byron Bay is in the UTC +10 AEST time zone

This is the highest level of accreditation available to Australian Travel Agents and Tour Operators. Only the best of the best have this qualification. Sure Thing Schoolies is honoured to have ATAS accreditation. Sure Thing is the only Schoolies company that is ATAS accredited – ensuring you reliability, credibility, professionalism and an absolutely awesome Schoolies week.

Yes, there are many ATMs available within walking distance.

Just like the hottest concert tickets… The schoolies hotel rooms get snapped up nice and early, the earlier you book, the better it is for you. To get things rolling, contact schoolies@surething.com.au and let them know how many people are in your group. From there, they will send you an itinerary of the best available rooms and will give you details on how you can make them yours!

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  • Approved
  • AFTA
  • NSW
  • TCF
  • Sure Thing Schoolies
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